WAMM's Freedom and Music Festival

About WAMMfest

Our annual celebration was born in response to the Bush Administration’s attack on our collective garden. In 2002, thirty armed DEA agents raided the home of WAMM founders, Mike and Valerie Corral, arresting them at gunpoint. Agents then used chainsaws to hack down the garden.

What We Did Next

Ten days after the raid, WAMM members responded by having a meeting on the steps of City Hall and provided free medical marijuana to our members. Fortified by the support of our community, WAMM, the Santa Cruz City Council, and the County Board of Supervisors joined in a lawsuit to stop the aggression of the federal government. The raid was intended to be a blow from which we could never recover; instead it prompted us into action.

WAMMfest Lives On!

WAMMfest is a way to say thank you to the city of Santa Cruz and the community as a whole for all the support throughout the years. It's also an event to enrich awareness and promote the civil liberties of sick and dying patients through medical marijuana, and a fundraiser to help us continue the services that we have been provided since 1993.

Join Us This Year!

Join us on October 22, 2011, from 12:00 to 6:00 at San Lorenzo Park, Duck Island, in the beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

Past Vendors

September 1, 2011 by Joe WAMM


WAMM would like to thank the following vendors/donors/sponsors who have supported us in the past!

Kombucha Botanica, Evolution Automotive, U.S. Hemp Co.,
No Enemy Clothing, Snazzy Productions, WeedTracker, Pure
Water of Santa Cruz, Sew Many Colors, Far Out Magazine, The
Herb Room andThe Food Bin
, Dog Patch Media, KPIG, Multidisciplinary
Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)
, Doob-
, Jack Herer, Fruity Bars, David Jay Brown, Drug Law Reform
Project, Indobeats, World Cannabis Village, Santa Cruz
, Talavera Gardening Accessories, The City & County of
Santa Cruz, Ben Rice Law, The ACLU Drug Law Reform Project,
Medicann, Zohar Cotton Candy, Raha Kudo Design for Dying,
California Vapor Co., World Market Bazaar, Dr. Bronner's
Magic Soaps
, Mondo Cult Magazine, Tony Madrigal, California
, NORML, Dr. Lucido, Santa Cruz Dyke March, Soap
Nut, Dharma Love, Hemp International, Pure Pleasure, Emily's Bakery, Noah's Bagels, Java Bob's, Golden City Chinese Restaurant, Sabieng, Satori Movement, Avatar Imports, EcoGoods, The Crepe Place, Lovedog Tattoo, Ravani, Mariposa Acupuncture, Staff of Life, Zachary's, Camouflage,
The Pizza Gypsy, Chimney Bread, Comic
, Compassionate Health Options, High Times, Survivor's
Healing Center
, Americans for Safe Access
, Blanco Basura Santa Cruz.