WAMM's Freedom and Music Festival

About WAMMfest

Our annual celebration was born in response to the Bush Administration’s attack on our collective garden. In 2002, thirty armed DEA agents raided the home of WAMM founders, Mike and Valerie Corral, arresting them at gunpoint. Agents then used chainsaws to hack down the garden.

What We Did Next

Ten days after the raid, WAMM members responded by having a meeting on the steps of City Hall and provided free medical marijuana to our members. Fortified by the support of our community, WAMM, the Santa Cruz City Council, and the County Board of Supervisors joined in a lawsuit to stop the aggression of the federal government. The raid was intended to be a blow from which we could never recover; instead it prompted us into action.

WAMMfest Lives On!

WAMMfest is a way to say thank you to the city of Santa Cruz and the community as a whole for all the support throughout the years. It's also an event to enrich awareness and promote the civil liberties of sick and dying patients through medical marijuana, and a fundraiser to help us continue the services that we have been provided since 1993.

Join Us This Year!

Join us on October 22, 2011, from 12:00 to 6:00 at San Lorenzo Park, Duck Island, in the beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

About WAMM

September 1, 2011 by Joe WAMM

The Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) is a collective of patients and caregivers based in Santa Cruz, California. WAMM's unique model centers around providing hope, building community and offering medical marijuana on a donation basis. We offer a safe, organic supply of medical marijuana to patients with a doctor's recommendation.

WAMM has emerged as a unique model, a patient self-help alliance, and an alternative to the inflated prices of an illicit black market. Need rather than financial capability affirm the inherent value of medical marijuana. A handful of seriously ill patients has grown into a collective membership of more than 250 seriously intentioned citizens.

Active in education and research, we provide data regarding our findings. Information collected since 1993 regarding the efficacy of different marijuana varieties and measured effects on different symptoms is the basis for our study. Val has recently completed a second paper, Differential Effects of Medical Marijuana Based on Strain & Route of Administration: A Three-Year Observational Study, peer reviewed and published in 2001. WAMM's financial support is entirely dependent upon donations and funding.

We are not a “buyer’s club,” or "dispensary". We do not sell or marijuana, but rather approved clients with a physician's recommendation receive services based on need and ability. We have assigned a new value to marijuana, the relief that it provides from suffering. Patient/members withdraw provisions from a common holding. Each member receives according to need and returns to WAMM according to ability.

Many dispensaries claim they are a collective, but beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing. WAMM helped create the laws that protect patients, and we are considered the "gold standard" of patient collectives. We are here to help the patient, not to exploit them with the insanely high prices of medicine.

WAMM is a legitimate and necessary community service of Santa Cruz County serving more than 250 seriously ill men and women who suffer from life threatening illness. We do so as a legitimate city agent, functioning in compliance with HS11362.5 and acting in accordance with Santa Cruz City Ordinance SC 2000-06 & 2000-12.

Members receive a multitude of services including medical relief, but the creation of community is an aspect of paramount concern to those disenfranchised by illness. We enlist a collective council responsible for initiating ideas and responding to internal problems. During our weekly support and supply meetings participants join together to find much needed emotional and social support. Sick and dying people often face discrimination, intolerance and arrest. Problem solving, attention to the personal, empowerment, consciousness and awareness are among the gifts that we are called upon to share.

Our family of members finds a collective voice, a means of relief, and a sense of value within the support systems of WAMM. Over the years clients have emerged from the isolation and fear of a life threatening condition to become part of the WAMM community. And when they face what we must all someday face, the inevitability of death, our care teams often include other WAMM members.